Happy Day of Happiness!

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Happy Day of HappinessDid you know March is Optimism Month? To celebrate, we’re focusing on a ton of tips for bringing extra touches of bliss into your life and home!

Did you know March 20th is the International Day of Happiness?! Even if you didn’t particularly celebrate this awesome holiday, it’s never too late to celebrate … especially a day all about making yourself and those around you a little happier!

The International Day of Happiness is all about reconnecting, and establishing connections, with those around us. If there’s one thing that stands in the way of our happiness, it’s a feeling of loneliness … Which is why making connections is so important!

We’re so happy to be able to bring our residents the awesome connection of our CARES Teams! We’re proud of the work they help us do to keep you and everyone who lives in our community engaged with each other. So for this Day of Happiness, we not only thank our CARES Teams but also you … Thank you for being part of what makes each of us connected to our small corner of the Flagstaff community! You’re part of our Happy Movement!

Want to help make the world a happier place? Here are some ideas you can put into action right now!

1. Do Happy

Being kind not only makes others happy … it also helps to increase our own happiness! And kindness is contagious, so when you take time to do something nice for someone, they are more likely to pay it forward. So go out and do something to make someone happy—a friend, a family member, or even a stranger! You never know how far your kindness can go!

2. Speak Happy

Have you met your neighbors?! Make sure you introduce yourself—getting to know the people who live near you helps create a sense of belonging for both you and them! If you’re not the most outgoing person, try stopping by one of our CARES events and introducing yourself to someone new!

3. Think Happy

We all know how easy it is to criticize. Be different and try to think positive! Look for the good in the people around you and remember: everyone has value! And thinking good thoughts about those around you helps keep your mood from falling anytime other people are around. There are billions of them … and all of them would probably rather think happy thoughts than ones that bring them down!

4. Share Happy

Besides being kind to others in our everyday lives, you can also help make the world a happier place by sharing your happy with the world. And thanks to the crazy connectivity we enjoy with social media, it’s easier than ever to share your happy! Share a funny picture. Share a song that makes you want to dance. Share a quote that inspires you. Share happy, and you’ll grow happy!

5. Party Happy!

Looking for a more unique way to go social with your happy? Check out the Global Happy Party happening online right now!

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