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Did you know that the first 10 minutes of your day are significant and starting on the right foot will set the tone for the whole day? You want to set a positive and productive tone in the morning immediately after waking up for a fantastic start. We discuss five things you should do every morning to start your day the right way.

Quit the Habit of Snoozing

We have all been culprits of this habit. The alarm beeps, and you're too lazy to get out of the bed. You convince yourself that it's still early and you can relax for a few minutes. So, you hit the snooze button and chill. The next time you wake up, you have less than ten minutes to prepare. Getting late for work or school only adds to the stress. So, set your feet on the floor immediately the alarm rings and goes off.

Let the Phone Be

The first thing most people do in the morning after waking up is to grab the phone and check the social media, news, email, and weather while still lying in bed. Save that ten minutes to doing something to help the rest of the day.


A few stretches after waking up will get your blood circulating to the muscles and the brain, which will increase strength and concentration in the morning.

Focus on Today

At times, we get so hung up on what happened yesterday that we forget what’s done is done and there’s probably little we can do. So, do not get fixated and stressed by the past, but direct your attention to today and the future.

Drink a Glass of Water

Hydrate your body, fire your metabolism, flush out toxins and fuel your brain with a glass of water the moment you wake up.

How you begin your morning will influence how your day progresses, which is why you should adopt healthy morning habits. If you're looking for one of the available Flagstaff apartments, Highland Village Apartments are your best bet. For directions and floor plans, call us at (844) 819-1677.

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