4 Great Decorating Ideas for Summer

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Wouldn’t it be great to step into your apartment and still be surrounded by the feel of summer? Residents of our Highland Village apartments in Flagstaff, AZ should try out these decorating ideas. You don’t have to break the bank for any of them!

Add Pops of Color Everywhere

Look for brightly colored throw pillows at your favorite flea markets or discount stores and add them to your sofas. Find some fun new dishes for your kitchen in your favorite summer colors.

Make the room appear fresher by finding some inexpensive art prints. We recommend using your furniture to lean them against the wall to avoid any damage.

Put Some Plants Around the Room

Flowers and hanging greenery do wonders for changing the look of an apartment. Add a centerpiece to your coffee table or place them along the edges of the room. If you don’t have much of a green thumb or aren’t home enough to care for plants properly, going with some nice fakes is fine.

Change Up Your Rugs

When’s the last time you added new rugs to the room? Go with vivid colors or different textures with fun designs embedded to switch up the look of your rooms. Place a few in your living room or down your hallways to add some summer pizzazz to your apartment.

Other Ideas for Rug Placement

  • Straw mats to your front and patio doors
  • Beneath your living room furniture
  • Next to your bed for your feet to enjoy

Try Some Sea Shell Flair

Look in your favorite thrift stores or other decorating shops for different seashell designs if you don’t get the chance to travel to the beach. Leave them as is or decorate them to place around your apartment.

We hope residents of our Flagstaff, AZ Highland Village apartments have a great time this summer. Reach out to the staff anytime by calling (844) 819-1677.

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