3 Stress-Free Summer Entree Ideas

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The warm summer months in Arizona give Flagstaff residents the perfect excuse to stop trying too hard in the kitchen. You have much better things to do this summer than spending hours working over a hot stove. With so many fun things to see and do, you shouldn’t have to stress about creating some elaborate dinner each night. However, there’s still plenty of opportunities to whip up a fabulous main dish to bring to your next backyard BBQ or holiday celebration. Check out a few of our favorite quick and easy summer dinner ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

3 Simple Dinner Recipes to Try This Summer

1. Summer Squash and Basil Pasta

Few things pair better with a light summer pasta dish than sauteed squash and basil. When left to saute in the pan, summer squash gets s great jam-like consistency that is ideal for coating big, hearty pieces of pasta. This simple recipe is fast, delicious and vegetarian too!

2. Dry-Rubbed Flank Steak and Grilled Corn Salsa

Flank steak seems like the perfect summer protein choice because you can easily prepare it in the morning and come back to it in the evening when it’s ready to sear over an open flame. With this recipe, you’ll combine sweet and spicy flavors with the distinct crunch of your corn salsa for a complete summer dinner entree.

3. Tomato and Cabbage Tabbouleh

Tomatoes come into season during the summer months, so this is the right time to add them to just about every dish you whip up. This tabbouleh recipe features lots of tasty seasonal tomatoes, along with other bright veggies and herbs to create a light and flavorful main dish.

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