7 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Apartment Look Neater

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make apartment look neater

Have company coming over? Planning on inviting a date in? Just realized your parents are due for a visit?

Or maybe you just want your apartment look better for your own sake.

No matter the reason, cleaning up your apartment in a jiffy is easier than you may think. Just do these things right now and your space will look instantly cleaner and neater:

1. Start with a garbage bag.

You’ve got to have your supplies first. Start with a huge garbage bag.

If your place is really a mess, you might want to wear gloves for this too. Now, go around your entire apartment and instantly throw away everything that’s garbage.

2. Tackle the dishes.

Chances are, your sink is full of dirty dishes. Tackle these next.

3. Put away dirty clothes.

Chances are also good that your floor and various surfaces have dirty clothes on them. Clean these up simply by putting them in the hamper.

4. Straighten.

This one’s pretty straightforward. Walk around your apartment and straighten things like chairs, curtains, pillows and other furniture.

5. Dust, then vacuum.

Next, dust all free services, then vacuum. When cleaning, you always need to work from top to bottom.

6. Make your bed.

Making your bed is an instant refresh and will immediately make your space look neater.

7. Really short on time? Grab a box.

Lastly, if time is truly of the essence and you have just minutes to get your house in order, grab a large cardboard box or plastic bin and throw in everything that you can’t find a place for. Unfortunately, this will have to be dealt with later.

Of course, you can’t have a neat looking apartment if the actual foundation and rooms of your building aren’t up to snuff. Still looking for a place in Flagstaff, Arizona? Give us a call to see which of our Flagstaff apartments are still available!

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