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Tips When Considering Pet Insurance

If you have a pet in your Flagstaff apartment, you know how important it is to keep your pet healthy. Unfortunately, pets do sometimes need serious medical care. When that happens, bills can run into the thousands. Pet insurance is available for pet owners. The question is, should you buy pet insurance? If nothing serious…

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3 Easy-Peasy Meals on a Budget

There is nothing better than cooking good food for yourself and your roommates in the fully equipped kitchen at your Flagstaff apartment. However, you may not think you can make quite as much as you want because your budget is a little slim. Believe it or not, there are plenty of good meals you can make for…

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Delicious Dips You Can Make at Home

When the residents of our Flagstaff, AZ apartments are entertaining guests, they often serve a few dips to keep the crowd happy. We've done a little digging and came up with a few DIY dips you can make in your very own kitchen. 5-Minute Million-Dollar Dip Bring the goodness of all things creamy, gooey, and…

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