Tips for Hosting an End of Summer Gathering at Your Apartment

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With fall starting soon, now is the time to start planning your end-of-summer gathering. When you want to have some friends over to celebrate summer one last time, keep the following tips in mind.

How to Host an End of Summer Gathering

Choose a Theme

Picking a theme makes it more fun to decorate and plan your menu. Consider a tropical theme, ocean theme or nautical theme to pay tribute to the season. You can also go with an all-white theme as a nod to not wearing white after Labor Day. When you choose your theme, you can then look for decorations, select music and create a menu that ties in with it.

Plan Your Menu

For your final summer bash, go with foods that are associated with the season. You can make burgers and hot dogs in your apartment on an indoor grill and serve them with potato salad, macaroni salad, fruit salad and other seasonal side dishes. For appetizers, consider setting out a tray of tropical fruit that’s in season. For dessert, choose no-bake options, so you won’t have to heat up your apartment by turning on the oven.

Select the Music

Having music playing in the background at your gathering can set the right mood and keep guests entertained. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t play it too loud, so you won’t disturb your neighbors. For an end-of-summer gathering, choose classic summer tunes from your favorite decade, or go with a playlist filled with beach songs.

Set Up Decorations

Your decorations will ultimately depend on your theme. You don’t have to do overdo it with decorations all over your place, but you should consider putting up a few here and there, such as strings of palm tree lights or other seasonal lights.

If you decide to have your gathering outside instead, our community has outdoor grills, a picnic gazebo and a fire pit. Contact us to learn more about our apartments in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

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