3 Easy Craft Ideas

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Are you looking for some simple handmade crafts you can give to friends and family this winter season? Even if you don’t consider yourself very handy, you’ll be able to do these easy crafts in your Flagstaff apartments.

3 Easy Craft Ideas 

1. Mini Frames

Mini frames are about 2 inches by 2 inches. They are cute, especially when hung in sets of two or more. You can pick up unfinished wood mini frames at most craft stores. Simply use craft paint to decorate them with a solid color or with a polka-dotted pattern all over the frame. Cut a favorite photograph to size and insert into the frame. To make these mini frames even more functional, use a glue gun to adhere little mini magnets to the back, so they can be hung on the fridge. Your gift recipient will adore this thoughtful crafty gift!

2. Stocked Boudoir Jars

If you really want an easy craft idea, stocked boudoir jars make a sweet gift. Pick up small, decorative jars with pretty lids at a craft store. Fill with an assortment of items that your gift recipient will be able to use, such as facial cotton pads, barrettes, bobby pins or cotton swabs. For the lids, use a glue gun to adhere a decorative, colored bead.

3. Homemade Keyboard

Your gift recipient will love this gift that keeps on giving. Pick up a slab of tree bark from your neighborhood craft store. Choose an assortment of attractive or memorable photographs and decoupage them onto the front side of the wood using decoupage glue. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Next, screw in two or three screw hooks to the face of the board. Your loved one will now have a central place to hang his or her keys so they never get lost again!

These three easy craft ideas make great gifts for friends or family. To find out just how inspiring Flagstaff apartments can be, please contact Highland Village Apartments today!

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