Three Easy Meals for People On the Go

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What's one of the healthiest ways to maintain your diet this year? Cook meals at home! This lets you eat all the foods you love without the added sugars, salt, and fats of fast food options. However, if you're busy, it can be hard to squeeze cooking into your schedule. Instead, cook travel-friendly meals ahead of time so you'll have something on hand as needed.

Three Easy Meals for People On the Go

Before You Start

While planning your on-the-go meals:

1. The meal needs to be something you can make in advance and leave in your fridge or freezer until needed.

2. It needs to be convenient to eat, using a minimum of utensils.

3. Aim for foods that can be eaten cold or quickly nuked in the microwave.

4. Choose versatile meals that can be thrown together with whatever is seasonal and on-hand.

5. Look for flavorful dishes that will satisfy your hunger for hours.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas:

Buddha Bowls

Take your salad game to the next level with this Instagram favorite. Load a travel-friendly container with leafy greens, a scoop of lean protein, and healthy whole grains. In the morning, just drizzle with vinaigrette and pack a fork.

Tasty Wraps

Break out tortillas, sandwich wraps, or lettuce leaves. You can stuff these with whatever leftovers you have on hand, roll, and eat on your way to work or class.

Portioned Baked Goods

That muffin baking tray can be re-purposed to hold individual quiches, egg bowls, or pot pies. Just nuke and enjoy a big, satisfying flavor.

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