Simple Dog Training Tips

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Dog training is an essential part of owning pets, especially when you live in an apartment community. Being a good neighbor means having a dog who knows how to behave around other people and pets. Training is also a great way to strengthen the bond you have with your dog. Keep the following dog training tips in mind to help you get started.


Keep Training Sessions Short and Sweet

Long training sessions are likely to result in your dog getting bored and restless. When you’re working on teaching your dog to follow commands, keep these training sessions short. For example, aim to do several 10-minute sessions throughout the day instead of one long session. This helps your dog maintain interest while you’re training.

Stay Positive

A positive approach to training is highly effective. Rewarding your dog with treats and praise helps form a positive association with following commands. Make sure that you give your dog these rewards immediately after they follow a command. Otherwise, they won’t make that association. Avoid shouting at your dog or using any sort of physical punishment for not following commands. This will only make your dog fearful instead of encouraging them to listen to you.

Consider a Clicker

Clicker training involves the use of a clicking device and treats as rewards. The idea is to use the clicker when your dog follows a command, then reward them with a treat. They’ll learn to associate the sound of the clicker with the reward, which helps motivate them to repeat the behavior. For example, if your dog successfully sits, you would use the clicker right away and give them a treat. This helps them learn to follow the “sit” command since they know they’ll be rewarded. 

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